Blog Virgin



So today is a very special day for me as I will lose my blog virginity and yes, I am a little scared. Let me just give you all a little background story about myself. I am from the beautiful West Indies where the cultures are vibrant and the food is filled with spices. I was told I was a shy baby girl who never ventured too far from her parents, hated any physical activity and loved eating food. I’m obviously still that girl. When I was younger my parents weren’t exactly together, I remember walking to my father’s house early on the weekends and staying over my mother’s house during the week. Eventually they got married and then came my baby sister. About 9 years later they decided that they couldn’t be together anymore and they’re children (mostly me) were left to wonder if the same fate would follow them. I went to an all girls high so I really don’t know how to relate to boys and mostly have a ton of girls as friends. I am now final year undergraduate who s facing the common dilemma of not knowing what to do after your first degree.

What you just read is really the foundation of who I am today. You’ll see common themes in more posts to come and I really hope you enjoy what is my life. What I really hope to achieve with this blog is to release all the thoughts I keep to myself. My own therapeutic remedy of relieving stress that comes with being a final year university student.


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