Speaking Things Into Existence 

I now realize not only the power of speaking things into existence but also the power of believing in yourself. I have been practicing this since January 2015 and I’m loving all the blessings that I’ve received. For the rest of this year I definitely will make my needs and wants more vocal. Advertisements

My Fault

   Have you ever blamed someone because you didn’t like how they were treating you? Have you ever considered that the reason why they do these things is because you let them?  I’ve had the greatest pleasure of choosing psychology as my major. Why? Well it has its benefits of letting you examine human behaviour. […]

Leave of Absence 

   So I started this blog for the purpose of unleashing my thoughts and emotions but as you can see, my last post was from January. With final year university stress and being a director of a service club, I barely have time to breathe. I have decided that I will at least try to […]

The Final Hour

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems”  ― Epictetus Ever since I entered my final year my anxiety about the future has just gotten worse. Today is the last day of my Christmas break and I feel so insecure about going back to school. It’s really […]